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There are a number of stories that have been told to us as children, stories adults would tell so we would have to behave. Today we talk about Gawkadal Bridge in Kashmir.

Sahanshah Jahangir once said that - 

If thetas paradise on the land, then it is in Kashmir.
Kashmir, filled with many pleasing sceneries like Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Jhelum River, makes everyone crazy about its beauty. But are there only beautiful scenarios present in Kashmir? Or there are also such forces here that we cannot see, but they become part of these litigants as the sun sets. The aspect of Kashmir which had been covered for decades. Let's know about the haunted Gawkadal Bridge.

Gawkadal is that the name of a bridge at Srinagar in Kashmir and has been amongst the 5 most haunted places in Kashmir as per the report of times of India. to understand what happened within the Gawkadal Pool we'd like to travel back 30 years in time. Where unrest in Kashmir was at its peak and other people were being killed. Actually this is often the story of 21 Jan 1990 when there occurred dreadful clash between reserve forces (CRPF) and Kashmir people in Gawkadal bridge. a minimum of 160 people were killed within the skirmish and this is often what led to a series of mysterious incidents within the Gawkadal pool. Whenever someone dies thanks to unnatural reasons(like murder or accident), unnatural energy flows therein house, area or road. this is often an equivalent energy which is present within the supernatural powers. As a result, wherever this unnatural energy is present Ghosts, Witches and Souls are drawn towards it like iron with a magnet. Their aim is to make fear in people, make them their slaves then take their lives. So, thanks to the untimely death of the people within the Gawkadal Pool, there are often felt nunatural energy even today. On this place, people have claimed that not just 1 or 2, but many phantoms exist. They believe that here is that the abode of angry souls who want to require revenge. within the dark night, the people passing through this pool have seen frightening figures and lots of others also heard the voices of crying and shouting here. thanks to these reasons, frequently accidents occur at this place. People traveling alone feel as if there's someone in their car and their control deteriorates. While another peoples die out of fear. So peoples are afraid to travel during this bridge in the dark because they know that they're not alone.

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